EmbedTek Named Top 10 Imaging & Machine Vision Solutions Provider

January 14, 2019
Waukesha, Wisconsin – December 18, 2018 – EmbedTek, LLC is honored to be named a Top 10 Imaging & Machine Vision Solution Provider by Embedded Advisor in their December-January issue.  A panel of CEOs, CIOs, venture capitalists, industry analysts and the Embedded Advisor editorial board selected these solution providers for their innovative technologies and strategies along with their exceptional track record of automating and streamlining the industry landscape.
EmbedTek was chosen for its innovations in adapting commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) camera sensors and open source software to create vision systems that achieve the level of performance most would expect from an industrial solution, but at a much lower cost.
“We have the expertise to apply relatively inexpensive sensors and cameras to our vision software engine. This allows us to quickly develop analytics and innovative solutions that are application specific,” explains Dan Aicher, CEO of EmbedTek. “We’ve been able to change a year-long research and development process into a six to eight week rapid prototyping process to prove the core concept applies to our customers’ applications.”
EmbedTek has leveraged high-performance image processing and advanced analytics software in conjunction with their established product line of computers and integrated displays to produce better solutions in a number of industries. These vision systems can determine speed, improve accuracy, identify track and count objects and aid in the development of virtual reality systems.
“There’s huge potential with vision systems innovations,” explains Aicher. “EmbedTek specializes in working with our partners to apply them to unique solutions.”  Other companies that made the top 10 include Basler Ag, Boulder Imaging, Cognex, Fluid Imaging Technologies, Hamamatsu Photonics, Hikvision, Kappa Optronics Inc., MVTec, LLC, and Parascript, LLC.
About EmbedTek, LLC
EmbedTek designs, invents, and manufactures computers, software, sensors, and displays for original equipment manufacturers. Our systems improve the quality of imaging in healthcare, simulation programs in the military, video analytics in security, and much more. Throw any challenge at us, from demanding environment and ergonomic requirements to High Level Assembly and nonstandard I/O. We'll evaluate it, carefully attack it, and solve it. For more information, visit www.embedtek.net