NewQM2 and proMEDICIS Collaborate to Help Medical Groupss Release: 7/18/2019

July 18, 2019
PESHTIGO, WI and PEWAUKEE, WI - July 15, 2019

Two Wisconsin-based healthcare businesses collaborate to help medical practices improve
their patients’ engagement and health outcomes.


QM2 Solutions and proMEDICIS Advisors announced they have signed a collaboration agreement to assist physicians and medical groups in implementing QM2’s advanced patient engagement technology throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

Within the agreement, proMedicis recognizes QM2 as a “Preferred Solution” for patient engagement technology with QM2 highlighting proMEDICIS’ expertise in achieving business results for medical groups in the Milwaukee area.

QM2’s SEngage® technology greatly enhances communication between patients and their physicians, to monitor treatment outcomes, improve patients’ experience and manage online feedback “Patients are seeking information to make smart healthcare choices on the web," said James Benson, President and founder of QM2 Solutions. "We help physicians to understand the results of their care, then help them to educate patients, payers, and stakeholders.”

proMEDICIS, which literally translates to ‘for physicians’ focuses on providing consulting and
professional services to medical group administrators to address performance improvement across the practice, including growth strategies, value-based payer contracting and financial analysis.
Both firms believe that for physicians to be successful in today’s competitive healthcare market, they will need to adopt technology and utilize their patient data. Initially this means monitoring and managing their patient communications and treatment outcomes.

“We’re building a business that truly focuses on the needs of physicians and medical groups,” said
David Cook, President and Founder of proMEDICIS Advisors, adding that he sees patient choice and their search for quality data really affecting clients.

“Many physicians I talk to are frustrated that their patient volumes aren’t increasing, or their online
reviews aren’t reflective of what they want for their patients. The QM2 technology can help physicians to proactively address these issues. We believe with our help, medical practices, regardless of their size, will be able to effectively use this great technology,” Cook said.

About QM2 Solutions
QM2 Solutions was founded in 2012 to help place patients back at the center of medical groups’
strategy through development of patient centric quality metrics and other actionable patient feedback.
Today QM2 delivers on this promise through QM2’s proprietary SaaS platforms SEngage® and QM2
Reputation along with its advanced software analytics platform, and consulting services.

About proMEDICIS Advisors
Offers a range of business services to medical groups, including interim executive leadership and
ongoing Board participation. Our experienced medical group administrators can address performance
improvement across the practice, including growth strategies, value-based payer contracting and
financial analysis.
David Cook, President, (224) 338-9226